When is Enough Enough

Donald Trump proves over and again that he is unfit to serve in the Oval Office. Regardless of whether you see his Russian and foreign entanglements as high crimes or misdemeanors, there is plenty of evidence that he is doing harm to the republic in many ways.

He has attacked the intelligence community, law enforcement and the judiciary and has tainted the opinion of his faithful base toward a dire mistrust of our democratic institutions. He has violated the emoluments clause of the Constitution by selling access to patrons of his hotels and Mar a Lago resort. He refuses to divest himself of his business interests nor will he come clean about his financial statements and tax returns. His ties to Russian and foreign investments constitute inherent conflicts of interest when it comes to foreign policy decisions. He has weakened our bonds with our closest allies and formed dangerous alliances with our fiercest adversaries. And those are just a few points of concern.

The way Trump plays to the bigotry, xenophobia and white supremacy in his base is becoming a greater and graver problem as time goes by. He famously led off his announcement as a presidential candidate by stirring up ethnic prejudice against Mexicans and other immigrants. He followed that up later in the 2016 campaign by calling for a ban on all Muslims entering the country. And, lest you allow yourself to think that it was merely a political ploy, he has ramped up his divisive rhetoric since his 2017 inauguration.

From his insulting of black athletes to calling white supremacists fine people Trump has placated the lowest common denominator among his base. And it is only growing more dangerous. His tone-deaf reaction to the Christchurch, New Zealand mosque attacks left little doubt about his anti-Muslim agenda. If any doubt remained, he wiped it out with his personal assault on freshman Congresswoman

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