My Background

As a kid I was inspired by Darrin Stephens (Bewitched)to pursue a career in advertising. Kip Wilson (Bosom Buddies) cemented that dream. I remained singularly focused on that career path from then on--through school and high school (which offered courses in commercial art), right through design school. Paying my dues and knocking on doors eventually landed me a graphic designer and then art director job at an ad agency, where I spent a dozen years honing my craft and loving my job.

Then an interesting thing happened. I learned that I had a love for and an affinity for the technology I was using. The Macintosh computer was the industry standard for graphic design. Well crafted fonts and superior graphics made Apple an industry leader in the late '80s and early '90s. The user friendly interface set the Mac apart from its PC competition. It may go without saying that I was hooked. I became what we geeks used to call a power user. I read as much as I could get my hands on, I taught myself how to troubleshoot common problems and I fell into the role of on-site support for our small ad agency. 
I joined a local Mac users group I met once a month and eventually I was approached by the president of the group and asked if I would be interested in moonlighting as a support tech for an area computer store. I jumped at the chance and found myself immersed deeper than ever into the information technology world.

When the business lost its Apple authorization I found an opportunity to launch my own small tech consulting firm. For over 10 years I provided Macintosh and Apple product support to individuals and businesses throughout New York states finger Lakes region.

I currently work on staff at an educational organization providing IT support and server systems admin support. This doesn't represent a complete resume. I've dabbled in this and that over time, including layout and production for a weekly newspaper (wherein I shared writing duties with my brother on a political opinion column).