Welcome To My Verbal Sketchpad.

I used to be a mad doodler. While in high school I would spend my free time covering the back of my Mead spiral notebooks with intricate designs, spirals, faces, close-up views of human eyes, etc. If I could imagine it I’d render it in miniature. When every milimeter of surface area was tattooed in ballpoint I moved on to my faded blue jeans. Patterns, shapes and graffiti often spread from the pocket of my 501 straight legs to the frayed holes in the knees. It wasn’t fashionable but in the early ’80s that was kind of the point.

Here I’m replacing the cardboard and fabric that once displayed my artistic expression with a digital platform. Hopefully my words will paint a more vivid masterpiece than my youthful skill could manage. With any luck, some works will be beautiful, some thought provoking and some will fall flat. Some may just ignite some ire — I’m okay with that too. Join me.